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“... our purpose will be responsible for delivering superior financial performance [through]
greater employee engagement and higher discretionary effort.”

Peter Acheson
Chief Executive Officer, Peoplebank

As leaders, one of our main roles is to align our people around a shared purpose and values.”

Brian Cook
Chief Executive, Geelong Football Club

“A heightened sense of positive purpose is what our organisations, our businesses and
our society desperately need.”

Tim Costello AO
Chief Advocate, World Vision Australia

“People and businesses with a clear sense of purpose are better equipped to make decisions,
to lead and to be successful in their chosen endeavour.”

Peter Nash
National Chairman, KPMG Australia

“... purpose has been far more transformational than I could have possibly imagined.”

George Savvides
former Managing Director and CEO, Medibank

About the book

Each of us has a desperate yearning for meaning and purpose but very few of us find it or are able to live it out in the organisations we work for. This book explains the process organisations go through to discover their purpose and then through an authentic and sustained leadership commitment embed it into their culture and make it their new way of organisational life.

Ultimately, this book is about transformation that shapes a whole new organisational identity from the inside out and adds new focus and energy to employee endeavours.

Nine CEOs have shared in this book how purpose has, or is expected to, transform their organisation, motivate employees, build sustainable competitive advantage and deliver greater organisational capacity and shareholder return over the long term.

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